Leave Of Absence

I regret to say , I am on a sudden and necessary leave of absence from Second Life and the blogging world. As some of you may know, I have some health issues that affect me greatly in real life. Those issues take me away from Second Life on a semi frequent basis, as they... Continue Reading →


Vintage Rose

  I don't typically shoot avatar photographs. For whatever reason I haven't ever really found my groove with them. Today is an exception because I was browsing around the Belle Event (Which just opened yesterday, in case you missed it) and I was sucked in by all of the gorgeous items available. I am a... Continue Reading →

Beach House

I grew up in the Southwest where it was hot, dry and miles away from the ocean. I am fortunate in my adulthood to live at the beach, though I admit, I don't go as often as my young self insisted I would, if I was ever to live here. In spite of my betrayal,... Continue Reading →

Take A Sick Day

I woke up at 12:30 this morning, only having been asleep for 3 1/2 hours and my mind, was wide awake. I have weird insomnia, I fall asleep in seconds but staying asleep is where I find myself in trouble. I laid there for a while, trying to meditate, envisioning a calm, peaceful place where... Continue Reading →


That place you want to go when Monday creeps in and you don't want to face the week. You need peace, silence and a place to recharge your mind.I don't usually write much on my blogs, they are more of my visual art outlet, plus, I have never fancied myself much of a writer. I... Continue Reading →

Ready For Spring

Madras @ The Arcade Gacha Event March 2019 -  OPENS MARCH 1ST Spring Garden Decor Set 12 Spring Garden Wrought Cycle RARE 10 Spring Garden Stand 07 Spring Sand Siever 02 Spring Flower Jar Ground 03 Spring Garden Water Jug 11 Spring Broken Chair Decor 09 Spring Garden Seeder Tray 05 Spring Bucket 08 Spring Pot... Continue Reading →

Robins Egg

Tuesdays @ Cosmopolitan Antique Corbel Antique Frame MAINSTORE Vintage Rug Short Candle - Cream Wine Pillow Chub Candles Pedestal Globe Floorplan @ FaMESHed Door Backdrop - Rustic Madpea @ Belle Spill the Tea Game Nutmeg Antique Table Lamp Hive Dainty Drum Table Magnolia Plant Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Wood Guilty Pleasures Hutch Cone Boxwood Topiary Apple... Continue Reading →

Fresh Flowers

NOMAD Norse Cottage Floorplan Cafe Frame DRD The Joint Coffee Shop - Bike Rack Botanical Edged Brick Park Path Lattice Fence Hive Fresh Flower Fence * Nutmeg @ Belle Event Ornamental Bicycle w/ Clutter & Bird Feeder YumYum Vines Heart Gardens Forest Undergrowth - Clover & Daisies Stormwood Roman Paving Stone Little Branch @ Limit 8 Event... Continue Reading →

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